Improvisation duo for voice /sensors gloves and video

Laurence Moletta: voice improvisation, sensors gloves.


Véronique Binst

vidéo Performance objet manipulation, camera

Supporting structure : CRINOLINE A.S.B.L. 
coproduced :  Les Pépinières Européennes Jeunes Artistes, La Villette/Paris
Supported by: l'Espace Senghor (Be) et le Ministère de la culture Belge : La Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles Arts Numériques.
Past events:
Festival NUMAcircuit, Musée d'Art Moderne de Tenerife (Es)
Notes d'Argile nocturne, Musée de la Céramique d'Andenne (Be)
Festival Ars Musica, Les Brigittines, Bruxelles
Espace Senghor, Bruxelles
LeLABO Pôle Culturel de Roanne ( Fr)
Deux Résidences à La Villette/Paris à la Halle aux Cuirs et au WIP.

The singer, Laurence Moletta along with her curious digital instruments creates music with sounds from her mouth, creating vocal textures that she superimposes to generate sound landscapes on which she adds improvised melodies in imaginary language. No sound is previously recorded.


An emotional journey to meet our most primitive perceptions. Laurence Moletta uses her voice as a musical instrument, that is, she is no longer limited to words and the meaning of words. She uses a kind of imaginary language, made up of phonemes chosen for their musicality. It is kind of a return to a primitive language, which makes sense with the sensitivity of the voice.


On stage Laurence Moletta uses a digital lutherie device in the form of two gloves motion sensors that remotely control her computer and allow her to make vocal polyphonies and transform her voice in real time. A digital tool that was invented especially for her improvised vocal practice.


Laurence collaborates with video artist and designer Véronique BINST to create the visual universe of the concert. Veronique Binst visual artwork consists, by overlaying realtime video flows with pre-recorded ones ,  in creating a universe oscillating between microcosm and macrocosm.

Its live movie micro-studio allows to film a collection of object, solid, liquid textures. All these elements being associated with pre recorded videos of moving landscapes.

This universe, guided by  the musical structure and sonic landscapes, invents its rules to mix with the melody

The Corridor Of Lost Steps

Multidisciplinary show supported by digital technology. Sometimes tragic, sometimes burlesque.

 "Le Corridor Of Lost Steps"", performed and sung by Laurence MOLETTA, awakens in each of us the poetic or brutal memory of our intrauterine life and our birth.


Artistic Director: Laurence MOLETTA

Composer Singer Actress: Laurence MOLETTA

Author : Stéphane OERTLI


Video direction and creation: Stéphane BROC

Light and sound director: Benjamin DELLICOUR

The memory of the in-uterine world vanishes from the moment we are born, a fantasy place to which no one will ever return. No record of it, except the stories that come to us from our relatives, who have experienced our "coming into the world" from outside. Depending on her meetings, Laurence Moletta collected stories and birth anecdotes. This show is structured around a series of 12 birth-related stories such as: the blue child; birth with deformity; blood incompatibility with mother; unwanted child; between life and death; birth in a war context; premature baby; stillbirth...


These stories in their raw state, have been taken up by the Author Stéphane Oertli and introduced into Laurence Moletta's musical universe, they constitute the common thread of the show. They confront us with the idea that we are not equal from birth, realities are sometimes tragic, sometimes funny. We are witnessing a sort of pile-up of codes by an alternation of texts between burlesque, documentary-realism and onirism.


Solo on stage: Laurence Moletta sings and interprets the texts on the birth stories. She uses on stage a digital lutherie device composed of sensors embedded on her body, in the form of two sensor gloves, which she created especially for her vocal practice. A device that allows her to remotely control sound parameters, in order to transform her voice in real time and create vocal polyphonies. No sound is previously recorded, Laurence makes the music of the show from singing, telling, whispering... she creates a whole vocal microcosm around the texts of the show.


Each text is set to its own music and carries a particular atmosphere, a gallery of video paintings support these stories without illustrating them. We took the video material from family films in Super 8,that we digitized and adapted. A video creation by Stéphane Broc.


New project being created. "The lovers", sound poetry and gloved voice .... in collaboration with Blandine Scelles, poet and performer.