Contemplation, perception, and sing improvisation

are the three stage of Laurence Moletta's creative process.

Laurence explores the modulations of tones in the voice, ignoring the verbal meaning. That is to say, she creates meaning without using words, a form of theatrical singing of emotions.

 There is no word to distract the listener. And yet, the tone of her sung voice tells, discusses, questions, whispers intimately with the audience. Her music is favorable to inner wandering.

On stage Laurence Moletta uses a digital lutherie device in the form of two gloves motion sensors that remotely control her computer and allow her to make vocal polyphonies and transform her voice in real time. A digital tool that was invented especially for her improvised vocal practice.

First Album

Voice and sensors gloves

Improvised vocal music for pinched mouth, ingenuous, mocking, serious, sensual. Pieces of choice for auditory, gourmet and curious taste buds.

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